Easy $20 Blanket Ladder DIY


I have a new video up on my YouTube Channel.  I have been wanting to do this project for months now, and I figured out a way to do it without using many fancy tools!  Sometimes I see these woodworking tutorials and I think… I don’t have any of those tools!  I did borrow my Dad’s electric sander which was the fanciest thing I used and I could have used a block sander if I didn’t have that option.  Only some paint, a hammer and nails… and of course the friendly people at Lowe’s who cut the wood for me ;)

2-2×4’s cut to 72 inches
1-1×4 (which is actually like 1×3.5) cut to 4 pieces each measuring 20 inches
box of nails, size 6D (large silver head Box nail)
1 piece of rough sand paper (I used 60)
1 piece of fine sand paper (I used 180)
Electric Sander (or use a block sander) – be sure to use a respirator
White paint (I borrowed some from my BFF who lives next door)
Cheap brushes for painting (I use ceran wrap in between coats.
Various Shades of blue and grey as desired (the Lowe’s sample colors are a great option and less than $3)
Poly (optional) If you are using a light color paint, use the spray poly in the blue can by Miniwax – the one in the video had a brownish residue I had to wipe off.  I barely did 1 coat because of that, and because of the sanding – this is an optional step.
Measuring Tape for ladder rung placement
Felt pads to protect the walls when leaning agains the wall
Drop Cloth

2-2x4x96  $5.32
1- 1×4       $1.57
Nails         $1.30
Brushes    $3.00
Felt Pads  $2.98 (optional)
Blue Paint $6.00
White Paint$3 (the sample size should be enough)
Drop Cloth $1.98
Poly           $8.48 (optional)

Here are some photos of my little $20 DIY and the video tutorial!!


Here is a photo to show you the basic construction of the ladder.  It is 72 inches tall, so nice and big and feels very sturdy.  I love the subtle different shades of blue, even though they will usually be covered up with quilts and blankets!  I also love that beachy, casual feeling I was going for!


Here is a side view.


The great thing is that this looks great whether you have 1 quilt or 6 on it.  A great design element to add to any room and add some height.


Here it is all loaded up with some of my favorite quilts.  All of these quilts were made by me except that fuzzy grey one ;)


Here is the video tutorial!  Hope you love it as much as I do!  Click Here if you are unable to see the video.

No Sew Headband

Hey Everyone!  I have a new video up on my YouTube Channel!  It’s a no sew headband.  My bff was over a few weeks ago and we were making some headbands for her 7 month old little girl.  This was one of the ones we came up with!  What do you think?  What are your favorite handmade headbands?

Click HERE if you can’t see the video.

Happy Crafting!

The Out and About Dress


In addition to The Staple Dress that I mentioned here, I wanted to try this Out and About dress by another independent pattern designer Sew Caroline.  I love to support small business and crafty women, so I purchased the pattern from Sew Caroline and the knit fabric from girlcharlee.com, my favorite knits retailer.  This dress was pretty easy to put together and I like the scoop neck and sleeve and length options.  I’d like to try it again in a more bold print fabric.  Here are some photos of the Out and About Dress!








Maxi Skirt DIY Tutorial – with Jersey Modal Knit!

Image 3

Hi Everyone!  A lot of people think sewing with knits is scary, I did!  But with a few simple tools, it’s really easy!  It is such a forgiving material and looks great on everyone!

Fabric Requirements (Knits are usually 60 inches wide, so you need less yardage)
My skirt was 39 inches across the bottom, and 39 inches long. (before sewing)
So, 1 and 1/4 yard is enough if it is the proper width.

To give you an idea, I am a size 6 and 5’9… usually a size medium. My skirt is extra long because I wanted to wear it slightly high waisted. If you like to wear your skirts lower, make sure you measure at that spot.

To get an accurate waist measurement, measure around the part of your waist you would like the skirt to sit. Use that measurement plus 1/2 inch to insure a comfortable fit.

My black fabric is a jersey knit with modal and lots of stretch. Here are some similar items I have found from one of my favorite online knit sources.

Solid heather grey modal cotton spandex blend knit

Tribal Arrow Modal Cotton Spandex Knit

Mustard Yellow Solid Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric

Fabric Scissors

*This contains amazon affiliate links! THANK YOU for helping support what I do!

Here are a few more photos up close!



close up of waist band

Image 1

I like that I can wear this high-waisted with a belt for a fancier look or make it more casual.

Image 2

simple full length view

Image 3

a more casual look with top untucked and a slouchy sweater.

Image 4

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Sewing Room Coming Together


Hey there!  So my sewing room has slowly but surely been coming together in the new place.  All of our stuff arrived from Hawaii, so the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of organizing and cleaning to get things nice and tidy.  Here are some pictures of how my sewing area (its in the dining room) has been coming together!


My storage hutch from Ikea, its the big Billy with these nice doors.


Loading it up


My new sewing machine!  I will be doing a review soon, now that I have had it about 2 months, so stay tuned for that!


It’s getting there!  This was a little pic I put on Insta with a fun saying.  Are you on Instagram?  Come say hi if you are! Insta name: MelanieKHam

Who else out there sews in the dining room?!  What are your favorite sewing area tips for organization?

Mermaid Holiday Gift Box

Image 13

Hi lovely bloggy readers!

I wanted to share a really fun project my step mom and I have been working on.  First, my step mom is a really great fine artist working in mostly watercolor and printmaking.  I asked her if she would like to do a collaboration with me over the holidays.  We could do a gift box with a theme and each contribute an item or two for the box.  She loved the idea and we have had a lot of fun working on this project over the past few months.

We have currently have the nautical, mermaid theme box ready!  Feather box is on the way ;)

For $36 you get…

1 hand sewn (by me) zip pouch with a cool and modern geometric 100% cotton, organic fabric called On Point by Cloud 9. This triangular print reminded me of nautical flags. Pouch is lined with 100% grey cotton and also has interfacing to give it extra body. This fun zip pouch measures 6 1/4 x 7 1/2 and has a coordinating mint zipper


1 Mermaid collagraph print – One hand pulled collagraph (Mermaid in a Kelp Forest) on acid free, archival BFK printmaking paper, painted with professional grade watercolor and metallic pigments, mounted in a standard size 8×10 soft white archival mat board, ready for a frame made by my super talented step mom Belinda.  I love this print, it is gorgeous!  I told her to save one for me!

Image 4

1 Set of 4 watercolor postcards featuring paintings of the beach along the Southern California shoreline, Pacific coast clouds, boats hulls in dry dock, and cypress trees in Monterey. The postcards can be mailed, or framed for display. The artwork on these cards was created by Belinda as well!

Image 7

This box will arrive neatly packaged in a brown kraft box, each item individually wrapped in cello and ready to be gifted.


Image 13

Price of the box INCLUDES Priority Mail shipping to the United States. I’m sorry, we do not currently offer international shipping for this box.

If you are interested in this box, check out my etsy listing here… AND Thank You for supporting handmade!