Easy Crochet Fringe Pocket Scarf Tutorial


Hey Everyone! I’m really excited about today’s tutorial!  This project is such a statement and so fast to make.  I did it over 2 days and that included filming.  Scroll to the end to find out ways to modify this pattern to make it your style as well as the video tutorial MATERIALS: 6 skeins [...]

Crochet Infinity Scarf Video Tutorial


Hey Everyone!  Want to know what my No.1 video on YouTube is?  It’s this infinity scarf video!  I have a bunch of crochet tutorials coming for this fall, including on that I am filming this weekend, but here is the video and a few photos for this Infinity Scarf Tutorial!     3 Skeins Bulky [...]

One Way to Change Color in Crochet


Hey Everyone! My last YouTube video showed you how to make a really simple beginner scarf.  I tried to film it nice and slow so a beginner could follow along for their first project.  I wanted to include the color change tip in that video, but because of the length and the fact that it [...]

New Beginner Crochet Pattern


Hey Everyone! Well today was the first day of homeschool and I survived!  Haha I knew I would but we’ll see how I feel in a month or two!  It didn’t take as long as I was anticipating and I was even able to squeeze in a workout and get my new video uploaded. Speaking [...]

Easy Quilt Top Tutorial with a Layer Cake


Hey Everyone! I have a new YouTube Tutorial up! This quilt is fun because it uses the super simple and beginner friendly half square triangle to create this easy quilt top. I used a layer cake so it was even easier!  I made all the hsts and then I used my nifty design board to [...]

All About Half Square Triangles


Hey Everyone!  I recently did a video on half square triangles, one of the most widely used quilting blocks.  There are tons of patterns that call for these and tons of patterns you can make on your own by strategically placing various fabrics and colors in a layout utilizing this simple block.  First, here are [...]

Simple Patchwork Clutch Tutorial


Hey Everyone! I am super excited about this project that I just completed over on my YouTube channel… I love it when projects turn out the way you have envisioned them!  This is a very simple clutch, following a lot of the same construction I do with my bag tutorials, but this little clutch features [...]

Easy Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial


Hey Everyone! I have ready a very highly requested tutorial!  A zippered box pouch!  Super fun, fast and easy to make these are perfect gifts.   WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS AND MATERIALS Materials 2 – Outside pieces measuring 13 x 9.5 2 – Lining pieces measuring 13 x 9.5 2 – Fusible Fleece measuring 13 x 9.5 (I [...]

Wet Bag or Bikini Bag Tutorial


Hey Everyone! I have a fun new video up on my YouTube Channel, it’s a wet bag tutorial!  I tested these out and basically you put damp bathing suits, liquids or even cloth diapers in them and the PUL lining makes it so it won’t get other items wet!  I used a towel I bought [...]

New Spring Ruffle Crochet Scarf Tutorial


Here is my new crochet tutorial video!  My viewers on YouTube love my crochet tutorials so I decided to make some fun springy patterns for easy beginner friendly videos!  I love the way this scarf turned out.  Isn’t it fun when something turns out the way you envision it?  This scarf is the perfect addition [...]