New Spring Ruffle Crochet Scarf Tutorial

Here is my new crochet tutorial video!  My viewers on YouTube love my crochet tutorials so I decided to make some fun springy patterns for easy beginner friendly videos!  I love the way this scarf turned out.  Isn’t it fun when something turns out the way you envision it?  This scarf is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe!!  Here are some of the details ;)

Materials Used:
2 skeins Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn in Tidal

J hook (6mm)




To make the main scarf body

Slip knot, Chain 30

Chain an additional 3, dc in 4th chain, chain 1 (repeat dc, ch 1)

Once you reach the end, dc in chain by the slip knot, chain 3 and turn

Chain 1 and dc in next stitch (the stitch above the dc on the first row).

Continue until reached desired length – Mine was 63 inches


To make the ruffle

Round 1: sc 2 times in each space all the way around the scarf

slip stitch to the beginning

Round 2: chain 3, dc in each stitch all the way around

slip stitch the beginning

Round 3: chain 4, dc in next stitch, chain 1 (repeat dc, ch 1) all the way around in every stitch

slip stitch to 3rd chain at the beginning

Round 4: chain 3, sc in next stitch (repeat ch 3, sc) in every stitch all the way around

Slip stitch to finish

cut yarn and weave in ends

Click HERE if you cannot see the video!

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  1. Rhonda says


    When I try to print out the instructions the font is so big that it cuts it off on the left hand side of the pattern. I have ajusted the font size on my laptop and it still didn’t help.


  2. Rhonda says


    I am new to crocheting. My question is do you not use the slip stitch as part of the chain when making the scarf? So when it says to chain 30 you would actually have 31 if you count the slip stitch? Also if I wanted to make the scarf longer do I just make it the length that I want it. I’m working on the baby blanket now can’t wait to finish it so I can start on the scarf. Thanks for your help..


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