Easy $20 Blanket Ladder DIY


I have a new video up on my YouTube Channel.  I have been wanting to do this project for months now, and I figured out a way to do it without using many fancy tools!  Sometimes I see these woodworking tutorials and I think… I don’t have any of those tools!  I did borrow my Dad’s electric sander which was the fanciest thing I used and I could have used a block sander if I didn’t have that option.  Only some paint, a hammer and nails… and of course the friendly people at Lowe’s who cut the wood for me ;)

2-2×4’s cut to 72 inches
1-1×4 (which is actually like 1×3.5) cut to 4 pieces each measuring 20 inches
box of nails, size 6D (large silver head Box nail)
1 piece of rough sand paper (I used 60)
1 piece of fine sand paper (I used 180)
Electric Sander (or use a block sander) – be sure to use a respirator
White paint (I borrowed some from my BFF who lives next door)
Cheap brushes for painting (I use ceran wrap in between coats.
Various Shades of blue and grey as desired (the Lowe’s sample colors are a great option and less than $3)
Poly (optional) If you are using a light color paint, use the spray poly in the blue can by Miniwax – the one in the video had a brownish residue I had to wipe off.  I barely did 1 coat because of that, and because of the sanding – this is an optional step.
Measuring Tape for ladder rung placement
Felt pads to protect the walls when leaning agains the wall
Drop Cloth

2-2x4x96  $5.32
1- 1×4       $1.57
Nails         $1.30
Brushes    $3.00
Felt Pads  $2.98 (optional)
Blue Paint $6.00
White Paint$3 (the sample size should be enough)
Drop Cloth $1.98
Poly           $8.48 (optional)

Here are some photos of my little $20 DIY and the video tutorial!!


Here is a photo to show you the basic construction of the ladder.  It is 72 inches tall, so nice and big and feels very sturdy.  I love the subtle different shades of blue, even though they will usually be covered up with quilts and blankets!  I also love that beachy, casual feeling I was going for!


Here is a side view.


The great thing is that this looks great whether you have 1 quilt or 6 on it.  A great design element to add to any room and add some height.


Here it is all loaded up with some of my favorite quilts.  All of these quilts were made by me except that fuzzy grey one ;)


Here is the video tutorial!  Hope you love it as much as I do!  Click Here if you are unable to see the video.

Quilt with me?


Craftsy is having a sale!  I got the Irish Chain class, I will be cutting into my fabric next week, want to sew a long with me?  Here is the link for all the classes on sale!  I will blog along my progress so you can see how its going, can’t wait to get started – I’ve always wanted to do an Irish Chain Quilt!!  I would LOVE it if you wanted to join along!  I will be making the Favorite Things Quilt!

HERE is the link to see what is on sale… let me know if you sign up for the Irish Chain!



Improv Quilt Blocks


The other day I wanted to do some improv sewing.  I had been doing a lot of “work” sewing and just wanted to sew, no rules or measuring, no precise cutting or making sure it was perfect.  I decided to fussy cut some Tula Pink raccoons and use my scrap bins to make some fun borders.  Here is what I came up with!



I haven’t had a chance to make any more, but when I do pull all this out again it will make a really fun quilt I think!!

Do you like to improv sew?

Happy Friday!

Seahorse Toddler Bed Quilt


Happy Monday! I finished up this commission last week for a little girls toddler bed. Momma and little girl were very excited! If you follow my blog at all, you will recognize this fabric, I love it so much! It’s called Full Moon Lagoon and its becoming hard to find. I love the colors in this fabric line, in person they are so pretty. Hopefully you get an idea with the photos.






I did a swirly, loopy quilting.


The back

Recent Quilt Finish


Here is a quilt I finished recently for an etsy customer!  I love this line of fabric and its becoming increasingly difficult to find!


My customer loved it which made me happy!


Also, I have some new quilts in the shop from the Heather Ross Briar Rose fabric line.  My Mom and I designed these together and she sewed them up in her Virginia studio.


Love this girly version and how she did the quilting a little different on each one.



Love some pretty rolled binding


This fabric is so cute!

Soft Waves Quilt Finish


Hey there!

So today, I wanted to share with you a quilt finish from the end of last year.  Let me just start off by saying how much I love this quilt!  I made this quilt with my students from quilting class back in Honolulu using the quick curve ruler.  I used the Riley Blake ombre fabric and Moda white to complete this quilt.  Then, to top it off and make it extra special, I sent it to a friend to have her machine quilt it on her long arm machine. First time I have ever done that!  I am so thrilled with the turn-out, I bet you will be too!


Sarah quilted it for me.  I told her I wanted some back and forth motion in the white and circles/bubbles in the blue and this is what she came up with!


IMG_3370 IMG_3371


It was even the background on my latest video!

Hope you guys like my quilt as much as I do!!